Trailer LED Lighting Tower

The CPLT V15 LED is part of the Chicago Pneumatic LED lighting tower range. The CPLT V15 LED is a light tower that uses 4 LED lights and can be attached to a trailer. The four metal halide LED lamps provides an equivalent of 440.000 lumens and can project light over an area of 5000 squaremetres. This light tower is designed with a 105L diesel fuel tank capacity and can be easily transported to several different types of worksites. The light tower features a fuel-efficient engine that allows for 150 hours without the need to refuel, which maximises worksite productivity. It is suitable for commercial sites and industrial projects that require a light tower that can provide high luminosity.

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    • LED Efficiency: The 4x LED lights provides 444.000 lumens
    • Fuel Efficient: This light tower uses 0.7 litres per hour and has a 105-litre fuel tank for optimal performance
    • Extended Run-time: Provides up to 150 hours before the need to refuel.
    • Durable Material: The CPLT V15 is designed for rugged conditions and to withstand difficult working conditions
    • Compact Design: 20 units of CPLT V15 can be transported at the same time on a 16m flat deck truck
    • Low Noise Levels: Produces an equivalent of 63 dB(A)




    • Provides the same luminosity as a 4000 Watts light tower and up to 444.000 lumens
    • The CPLT V15 features an emergency stop button and four heavy duty stabilisers
    • The LED light has a lifespan of 30,000 hours and doesn’t require replacement for approximately 3 years based on average usage time.
    • Designed with wide wing doors to allow for easy access during servicing and draining maintenance.


    • Height: 2500mm
    • Width: 1100mm
    • Length: 1670mm
    • Weight: 702kg
    • Fuel Type: Diesel
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 110L
    • Fuel Autonomy: 150 Hours
    • Light Performance (Wattage): 4 LED x 350 Watts
    • Maximum Mast Elevation: 7500mm
    • Rotation: 360 Degrees
    • Engine Model: Kubota Z482
    • Engine Cylinders: 2 Cylinders
    • Power Output: 2.5kW | 2.8kW


    Suitable For commercial and industrial projects:

    • Public events
    • Construction sites
    • Work sites
    • Road works

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