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Designed for easy service access

The new CPS 175-100 small air compressor makes sure to deliver compressed air, wherever you need it. Thanks to its low weight, the CPS 175-100 is easy to tow. The large fuel tank was made to cover full 8-hour shifts.

Choose a machine that’s easy to use. Even in the most demanding circumstances, the CPS 175-100 will deliver.

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    Portable: Most of the models can be towed behind a normal passenger car with no special driving license needed.

    Powerful: Power up to three breakers with effortless ease. You can also get a generator included in the package if you wish.

    Tough: The Red Rock canopy is made from extra-tough polyethylene, pro¬tecting the working parts and ensuring your compressor looks and performs to its maximum, day in and day out.


    • Red Rock polyethylene canopy
    • Easy service guarantee with all parts easily accessible
    • Spillage free frame
    • Low noise level according to European noise legislation
    • Robust and highly efficient mechanical engine from Kubota

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